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4 Good reasons to buy a custom glass sailboard
  1. Versatility in design - Design changes can be made easily on custom boards to suit each sailors unique needs. Shaping changes can be made in length, width, thickness, bottom shape, depth of "v" rocker profile, tail outline etc. Clark Foam also comes in four different densities or weights. Combining blank weights and glassing lay-ups can yield an extremely durable jump board, or a light weight slalom board.
    Custom boards use a clear, U.V. Stabilized polyester or epoxy resins allowing the shaped foam to be painted in any color and in endless graphic combinations.

  2. Durability- Glass boards come from the time-proven no-frills surf board industry that isĀ  over 35 years old. Quality foam from Clark Foam, resins from Riechhold, Silmar, and West Systems and fiberglass from Hexcel and Burlington have been much improved over the years and have become the state of the art in the modern day surf and sailboard industries.
    A well built custom board can be sailed and jumped extremely hard with excellent reliability. With proper basic care a glass board will last many seasons without weight gain or change in performance. Dings can be repaired easily and inexpensively. Due to the polyurethane foams closed cell structure, it will not absorb water or "pressurize" from temperature or altitude change, like E.P.S., ultimately leading to delamination.

  3. Price - Custom glass boards are typically all handmade, therefore eliminating the need for expensive machines and molding processes. "Tooling up" cost to change design or skin material is nonexistent. Simply, lower manufacturing cost result in a lower retail price.

  4. Resale - Glass boards have excellent resale value. A two season old board in reasonable condition is worth 50%-70% of its retail value.
With all things considered, a custom glass board is the best value in the
sailboard market today and tomorrow.
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